What gas should I be using in my chainsaw or other 2-cycle engine?

For optimal performance use Pre-mix 50:1 fuel which is 95 octane from the can (5 yr. shelf life unopened; 2 yr. once opened) - Pre-mix fuel guarantees the best performance and longivity for your equipment. This type fuel is available at Minneapolis Saw as well as some other local dealers.
The use of Non-Oxygenated or Pure-Gas; (gas without alcohol) with a national name brand 50:1 mix oil (Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, etc.) will help insure quality performance for your equipment. To find a station near you visit www.pure-gas.org

How should I store my equipment?

2-cycle equipment (chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, etc) for infrequent use run the unit dry and store OR
if you are using 50:1 pre-mix fuel (canned) you can store the equipment as is no need to drain or run dry.

What weight oil should I be using in my Lawnmower/tractor?

5w 30w

My chainsaw seems to leak oil is this common?

Due to in storage areas a saw may leak bar oil; the oil will expand and contract with temperature changes. If you aren't using your saw frequently you can empty the oil tank until your next use. Another option is to store the saw in an area where the temperature is more consistant.

What is the mix ratio for my 2-cycle engine

50:1 mix ratio = 2.6 oz mix to 1 gallon non-oxygenated fuel (for best results mix 1 gallon at a time). Also, be sure to use a good quality mix oil i.e. Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo.