Chainsaw Helmets Technical Forest


Professional forestry helmet from Husqvarna. The Husqvarna technical forestry helmet system was developed specifically for loggers. Featuring a one handed ratchet system which allows for easy size adjustment, a free view visor for optimal visibility and mesh ventilation that provides increased comfort for long hours of use.


  • Lightweight: Minimizes neck fatigues, pain and risk of injury
  • One Hand Ratchet: Allows for fast and easy size adjustment while wearing it
  • Free View Visor: Free field of view with visor up or down for better visibility in darker conditions
  • Great Ventilation: Removes heat and increases cool air intake for longer use and less heat exhaustion. Extra wide ventilation holes are covered by a metal mesh to prevent dirt and water from passing through into the helmet.
  • UV Indicator: Allows user to keep track of helmet condition and know when it is time to replace
  • 6-Point Harness: Comfortable and less pressure

*Prices subject to change without notice.